Online Quran Classes for Kids

It is the foremost responsibility of Muslim parents to provide their children with a solid foundation in Quranic knowledge and Islamic culture, achieved through the guidance of online Quran teachers. Every Muslim child must acquire the skill of reciting the Quran in Arabic while adhering to Tajweed principles. Learn Quran Online Academy has meticulously designed specialized courses to facilitate Quranic learning for children in an online setting.

At our academy, students are paired with dedicated teachers who provide Quranic instruction within the comforts of their home. Our online Quran teaching team for children is composed of highly skilled, professional, and educated instructors who possess a profound understanding of effective Quranic pedagogy. This enables your children to participate in online Quran classes at their convenience, engaging interactively with their teacher without leaving home.

Our one-to-one classes, conducted by highly qualified Quran teachers, make Quranic recitation for children accessible and manageable. These instructors offer daily Quran lessons, each lasting over thirty minutes. Learn Quran Online Academy takes pride in its experienced online teachers who excel in guiding your children through Quranic and Arabic courses with expertise and proficiency.

Expertise of Our Online Quran Teachers

1. Expert Knowledge On the Subject

At Alhikmhainstitute, our Quran teachers possess an essential and primary quality: expert knowledge in their subject. We ensure that all our instructors are highly qualified to teach effectively. At Alhikmhainstitute, your children can easily learn the Quran from our Quran teachers online. Each of our tutors is a Hafiz-e-Quran and excels in Tajweed and Quranic recitation. They exhibit exceptional recitation skills in Arabic and possess a deep understanding of Arabic Grammar. Furthermore, they are proficient in both classical and contemporary Arabic language skills, including writing.

2. Trained and Proficient Quran Teacher Online


All our online Quran teachers at Alhikmahinstitute are highly trained experts in the field of education. They possess the skills needed to effectively cater to the individual needs of each student. Every child has unique requirements, and our teachers are adept at meeting those requirements in a personalized manner. This personalized approach makes learning the Quran for kids much more accessible.

3. Top Class Tajweed and Recitation Skills

At Alhikmahinstitute, all our online Quran and Arabic teachers are exceptionally proficient in Tajweed and Quranic recitation. When you opt for a Quran teacher online, you can rest assured that your children will receive the best possible Quranic education. Our academy places a strong emphasis on the primary qualification criterion for our teachers, which is their expertise in Tajweed and recitation.

5. Polite and Patient

Teaching through web-based platforms can indeed be challenging, and it requires a high degree of patience and courtesy, particularly when working with children. This approach significantly contributes to facilitating Quranic learning for kids. The gentle and accommodating demeanor of our instructors is a source of immense comfort and satisfaction for young learners.

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